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“Selflessness” isn’t a term we’d normally use in the office. It seems contradictory to common terms like KPIs and the corporate ladder.

It seems a strange but specific value to use in a company mission statement. More often I hear general things like “we value teamwork and high performance.” Which in all honesty have little meaning to day-to-day human behavior.

Netflix has been known to have one of the best company culture’s…

By A. Rani: One of the many generous mango trees in my grandfather’s garden.

There’s a charm about small towns that I love. Suburbs that lie outside swarming cities; away from the humdrum of the metropolis I call home. Sungai Petani or “Farmer’s River” is one such small town, with its paddy fields that change color year-round and a natural affinity for its people…

Alayna Rani

Infinitely curious | On self-improvement, business, life and love | Malaysia

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