Some consequences stray across time

It’s Kerala, India in the 1950s and a young girl is returning home for her college break. She’s looking forward to the many comforts her home possesses. Hot chai, fragrant curry, and a backdrop of rolling tea plantations. “There’s nowhere like home,” she thinks to herself as she drops her luggage in the hall. All around her the house is bustling with people. The girls are cooking & cleaning, and the boys are outside playing, and laughter is found everywhere.

She, however, is looking for a quiet space. College doesn’t start again anytime soon but her lecturer wasn’t kind about…

Beyond conventional diets and exercise, what’s holding us up?

Growing up, although I was never overweight, I was obsessed with getting fit and not getting fat. I feared it. It was a multi-layered fear. On some level, it was because my parents had major health problems related to weight gain, and another was the need to keep up to society’s standards.

I’m a 90s kid who grew up inundated with a lopsided view of beauty thanks to a narrowly channeled media — beauty is fair, tall, thin, hairless and with sports-illustrated abs. I was brown, short, plum, relatively hairy and had a rather happy belly. …

Malaysia is a country that prides itself on being ethnically diverse and accepting of the different races that have co-existed peacefully since our independence. The three main races — Malay, Chinese and Indian — are descendants of people who share a common history. Especially from the time of the British colonial rule.

We’ve evolved to be a true melting pot, showcased most clearly in our food. I’d recommend Chinese for breakfast, Malay for lunch, and a bowl of hearty Indian rice and curry for dinner. I’m of some certainty that wherever you are in Malaysia, you can find any of…

“Selflessness” isn’t a term we’d normally use in the office. It seems contradictory to common terms like KPIs and the corporate ladder.

It seems a strange but specific value to use in a company mission statement. More often I hear general things like “we value teamwork and high performance.” Which in all honesty have little meaning to day-to-day human behavior.

Netflix has been known to have one of the best company culture’s in the world. While not immune to criticism, their culture deck has been reviewed over 5 million times, and inspired many to dream about the possibility of deciding necessary vacation time for themselves.

Selflessness is one Netflix’s key values. And this is how they describe it:

  • You seek what is…

Food in a country like Malaysia is everything. And I say that seriously. Growing up, I remember how we’d shun the person who didn’t want to eat at a family event or express grave concern for the poor soul who chose a salad from the menu.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Are you okay?”

“Are you on a diet?”

These were the questions that would arise if anything but rice, deep-fried chicken, or rich and spicy curry were selected.

Don’t get me wrong, a part of me still feels this is the way to go. When this pandemic settles down, I…

Words are a powerful tool. They can lift us up as quickly as they can tear us down. The beautiful content here on Medium is one such example of its power. So many articles and stories have inspired me to keep going.

So in tough times, I find that turning to words of wisdom have a remarkable affect on how I look at my challenges and the purpose of why I do what I do. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. “Little by little, day by day.” ― Abdu’l-Baha

I find so much comfort when I read this. Being terribly…

Breathe. The first question that comes to your mind will be “Why?”.

Why did I stop hearing from this person?

The next few questions that follow suit will be painful:

  • Was it something I said?
  • Did I do the wrong thing?
  • Did I come on too strong?
  • Why wasn’t I enough?

The horror story of ghosting seems to be more than a fabled tale. It’s a harsh reality of modern dating. Most of us have experienced this or been the one to magically vanish.

The reasons for ghosting don’t need scientific study but generally our question of why is answered…

There’s a charm about small towns that I love. Suburbs that lie outside swarming cities; away from the humdrum of the metropolis I call home. Sungai Petani or “Farmer’s River” is one such small town, with its paddy fields that change color year-round and a natural affinity for its people to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Its weather hits extremes of heat and intense rain but settles itself to be quite reasonable for most of the year. The town has a slow and patient energy, one that will never call on its inhabitants for more than they’re willing to…

To wake up to your own brutality

I remember the first time I became aware of my own thoughts. I was walking home after a long day at work and going over all the mistakes I didn’t mean to make. “You really screwed that up,” I kept thinking.

Like my mood the clouds were dismal, leaving the ground soaking from their tears and I said to myself, “Well, what did you expect? Of course, things don’t go your way.”

The rain was starting to get heavy again and I was forced to walk a little faster. Barely paying attention and immeasurably frustrated, my right foot landed in…

5 am? No. No. No.


That was the only thought I had when I heard about the 5am Club by Robin Sharma. And I didn’t want to join it.

In fact, I wanted to avoid it at all costs. Telling myself that even though I was looking for ways to increase motivation and productivity in my life, I would not sacrifice my bed or sleep.

But it felt like I had tried everything else. Meditation in between work, journaling, exercise, and every other tea known to man.

In the end, curiosity got the better of me and I thought “Well, what if?”. Now, this…

Alayna Rani

Infinitely curious | On self-improvement, business, life and love | Malaysia

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